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About us

Maen Company

Since setting up Goodness Limited in 1976 and making sure that its services are provided at the highest level of efficiency, accuracy and excellence. Aware of the extent of its responsibility to its clients and partners, Goodness has gained the trust between it and its clients on numerous certificates of recognition and excellence in the performance of its tasks vis-à-vis relevant companies and sectors, both here and through this global synergy. With its outstanding experience in this important activity, the Hotel Hotel Hotel Hotel Company was launched to create an integrated system that seeks to provide all the services directly and professionally relevant to this sector through specialized cadres that support the full capacity of the Hotel Hotel Company, with the aim of adding a feature under the name of and emblem.


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Our policy

Compliance with regulations, the highest standards of quality and professionalism and the permanent development of all our services and of all my components of the group


Our Responsibility

The success and maintenance of this success are our most important and important responsibility.


Our Vision

That our services are of the highest quality and that we leave our clients with a new footprint and a high, distinctive and enjoyable style of hospitality and hospitality.


Our History

A certain hotel group has an umbrella with a long history in the world of accommodation and tourism. It is a limited good, which is well aware of the concept of tourism and is keen to provide all its services.


Our Goals

It is always our mission to preserve our vision and to have our future derived from our Iraqi, honourable and distinguished history in this important sector of the world.


Our experiences

The experience of a certain hotel management company and tourism enterprises is derived from the many fruitful and successful experiences in this sector from the fruits of the parent company of A Certain Good Limited and its strong, and successful relations with all those involved.


Our Facility

A particular group of hotels has key objectives, including the development of existing facilities and the selection of other sites within and outside the Kingdom, which provide its customers with all kinds of amenities.


Our Achievement

Certain hotels have achieved the highest rate of employment in all their tourism facilities. This is a result of the interest of the Group in developing its transactions and providing its services in a distinct manner.